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Botanical Jams Made in Jersey

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Decadent Preserves Delivered To Your Doorstep.

Check out our current seasonal flavours.


Crab Apple & Rosemary Jelly

Spiced Apple Jelly

Peony and Strawberry Jelly


We use only the freshest seasonal produce.

About Gorse and Lily

Gorse and Lily is a boutique botanical Jam business based in Jersey. We are passionate about local and seasonal ingredients paired with floral and herbal flavours. 

Each flavour is lovingly prepared using only the freshest seasonal ingredients by our Chief Flavour Maker Anna. Her passion for jam and flavour pairing can be tasted in each jar of our unique preserves.


Seasonal Collections

Gorse and Lily are committed to created seasonal preserves. This means each flavour is made in small batches and once we're out of stock that we will have no more until the following year. 

We make a core collection of flavours each season and then have limited edition flavours as well. We also are able to make bespoke flavours for companies as well producing flavours for individuals who donate ingredients.

Rose Blossom

Indulge in some decadent jams: 

as a personal treat or ideal as a gift.

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